The launch of Monkex ecosystem.
Introducing MANDRILL memetoken - the first token in the Monkex ecosystem backed by $wMONKEX. With a maximum and total supply of 420,690,000, MANDRILL is poised to take the Metis ecosystem by storm. What sets MANDRILL apart from other memetokens is its unique story. Inspired by the intelligent, social, and playful nature of mandrill monkeys, this token is not just a symbol of investment potential - it's a symbol of a community united by a shared passion for fun and profits.
Half of the total supply, 210,345,000 tokens, has been airdropped to vitalik.eth for safekeeping, echoing the success story of Shiba Inu. The token, which goes by the symbol $DRILL, is set to launch on the decentralized exchange Netswap, providing investors with a chance to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new token.
To ensure the initial success of $DRILL, 20% of the supply will be added with 50,000 $wMONKEX tokens to provide initial liquidity. This liquidity will be burnt straight away during the launch, allowing investors to feel safe for the long term.
But that's not all. Another 30% of the token supply will remain in the dev wallet, providing even more liquidity for the token in the future. The remaining tokens will be held in the Monkex Coffee Shop Club treasury on KORIS once the mainnet is launched.
Whether you're a seasoned investor or a new player in the game, MANDRILL is a token that you don't want to miss.
So what are you waiting for? Join the MANDRILL movement today and get ready to ride the wave of success to the top of the market!
Contract: 0x535c49aD178C3b532fA9855380FC2277c6AFe324 Total supply: 420,690,000 $DRILL Initial liquidity: 84,138,000 $DRILL Monkex treasury: 126,207,000 $DRILL