Monkex Treasury

The Monkex Treasury is a vital component of our project, managed by a multi-sig mechanism to ensure the highest level of security and transparency. The Treasury holdings will be used to drive growth and stability and managing the Monkex platform through the KORIS system.
Built from a portion of the taxes collected on the Monkex token, the Treasury is fueled by the community's use of the project. Out of the 7% of taxes, 2% designed taxes to the dev wallet being collected to the Monkex Treasury instead.

How to build the treasury?

Anyone can claim $MONKEX tokens from the developer wallet and send it all straight to the treasury at any time!
Simply go TokenTransfer contract here on Andromeda Explorer and interact with it while sending and burning 0.000000000000000001 Metis to the contract address. "SendTokensToTreasury" function will work if you will enter any amount of Metis in the box. Reccomending to enter 0.000000000000000001 Metis as you paying it for claiming. *Transaction will fail if the wallet is empty!
By participating in the project and contributing to the Treasury, you are helping to drive growth and ensure the continued success of our project.