Deflation and Taxes

In this ever-evolving world of finance and blockchain, Monkex aims to set the standard with its innovative deflationary mechanism. Our mechanism operates by burning 5% of the buy volume, which reduces the maximum supply of $Monkex tokens and increases their value over time. This results in a deflationary system that is unique, sound and beneficial to our token holders.
In addition to the deflationary mechanism, Monkex also implements taxes as a means of further boosting the value of $Monkex tokens. Our tax system operates in such a way that 5% of taxes are burnt, 2% of Monkex tax is used to reward the team and fund the Monkex Treasury.
Together, the deflationary mechanism and taxes form a dynamic and sustainable financial model for Monkex, which is sure to bring value to our NFT and token holders.