Distributed Autonomous Community

Welcome to the world of Distributed Autonomous Communities, where the future of NFT projects and digital assets is being redefined. Monkex Coffee Shop Club is a prime example of this innovative concept, where traditional project management is combined with the power of decentralization.
We believe in giving our community a voice and an active role in the management and development of our project. This is where our Distributed Autonomous Community (DAC) comes into play. We have a decentralized management system powered by KORIS, where the community holds the reins. The Monkex Treasury is managed by the community under 7 multi-sigs, giving the power back to the people.
This unique decentralized management system allows for transparency, accountability and efficient decision making. The community's input is decision making and the project's success is directly tied to their involvement. The treasury is funded by a portion of the taxes collected from the $Monkex token, ensuring that the community's interests are always at the forefront.
Distributed Autonomous Communities (DAC) is the future of projects and digital assets, and Monkex Coffee Shop Club is leading the charge. Join us in shaping the future of this exciting and ever-evolving industry